Download 2016 Syllabus Here

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Important note: for Fall 2017, this is an older schedule, and only the reading assignments are relevant for this year. Any other class assignments and essays are not required. 

Week 1: Introductory Materials, Ballads

Week 2: Ballads, Elizabethan Sonnets

Week 3: the Metaphysical Poets

Week 4: Robert Herrick, John Milton

Week 5: Romantics I. William Wordsworth

Week 6: Romantics II. Blake, Coleridge, Byron

Week 7: Romantics III. Keats

Week 8: Comic and Serious poets of the 19th Century

Week 9: Modernists I. Yeats

Week 10: Modernists II. Ezra Pound and the Imagists

Week 11: Modernists III. T.S. Eliot and the Relationship to Tradition

Week 12: Elizabeth Bishop

Week 13: Last Class, Review

Week 14

  • Imitative Poem Due
  • (guidelines for poem will be posted soon)